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AICC - Board Converting News - Corrugated Today's Innovator of the Year Competition

2016 Innovator of the Year Competition Winners (for Machinery)

FIRST PLACE: Gemini North America / Barberan -
Barberan Jetmaster
    This printer completely eliminates the need to print plates and litho. It reduces waste by eliminating make readies and machine passes. It cuts out all extra material in the litho process by printing direct to the corrugated sheet.

SECOND PLACE: Geo. M. Martin - LBX Scrubber Stacker
    The LBX Scrubber Stacker has redefined the performance expectations and box quality of the Rotary Die Cutting Process. Equipped with full width transfer pulleys, two Scrapper Bars as well as Dual "phased" Vibrator bars, this machine will deliver virtually scrap free boxes at speeds of over 200 KPM, forming either a four across full stack, full width nicked bundles or individual bundles.

THIRD PLACE: Wilhelm Bahümuller GmbH (with ATS Tanner) - POWERPACKER III
    In the past, this production process was made manually and with narrow strapping material. The process limited the folder glue production speed and the strapping material tore the surface of the box material. The POWERPACKER III, is the ultimate packing solution that handles virtually all major box styles in various bundling configurations at maximum speed of your Specialty Folder Gluer. Maximum output, total lower costs, reduced risk of injuries.

  • JB Machinery - InKomand, a comprehensive, in-press ink management system.
  • Automatän - MasterStak, a high Speed Robotic Palletizing System used to automatically position strapped and unstrapped bundles into an infinite number of layer patterns.

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The AICC - Board Converting News / Corrugated Today Innovator of the Year Competition is designed to recognize innovative solutions created by both AICC box plant and supplier members that enhance the efficiencies, productivity, product quality and bottom line profitability of the independent box plant.

Developed over twenty years ago as a forum for box makers and suppliers to put forward their best innovations, the Innovator of the Year has since evolved into a highly competitive arena that highlights the technological innovations of AICC members in production, material handling, manufacturing, training and administration. Each year, the AICC Plant Innovations Committee holds a call for entries and after reviewing the submissions received from AICC members, determines the finalist entries that are then voted on by AICC Annual Meeting attendees. Cosponsored by Board Converting News, the competition alternates its focus between box makers, suppliers, and non-machinery aspects of the converting industry.

An Innovator of the Year is awarded every year in the fall, in four rotating categories: Boxmakers, Non-Machinery, Machinery, and Information Technology and Training.

Past Competition Winners

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