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18 Ways to Sell on Value Instead of Price

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The marketplace is getting more competitive and there are companies willing to do almost anything to land an account- including compromising quality. What do you do if their price is lower than yours? How should you respond? If you lower your price how much more will you need to sell in order to break even or generate the same contribution dollars towards profits?

This webinar recording will review strategies to combat lower prices and fully understand if you are comparing apples to apple or apples to oranges.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to get all the facts- comparing quality, quantity and service.
  • How to demonstrate the difference between price and value.
  • The best way to sell your company.
  • How to find vulnerable spots in the lower prices.
  • How to modify the specifications.
  • What are the effects on your margin if you decide to lower your price.

Who should attend: Sales Managers and Representatives, Customer Service Managers and Personnel


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George A. Moretti, GM Training and Consulting Group, has dedicated 43 years to the corrugated and packaging supplies industry and will share his experience and knowledge in the art of market pricing as well as negotiating for the best deal for all parties involved. He has experience in working with sales teams with a focus on adding profit to the bottom line quickly. George can be reached at


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