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AICC is an association of independents for independents. We focus solely on issues that concern the independent entrepreneurs in the corrugated, folding carton and rigid box industries and provide services to strengthen their bottom line.

There are MANY reasons why becoming a member of the AICC provides a great value to your company; a few are listed below:

AICC holds two national meetings, each spring and fall that brings together hundreds of independents from throughout North America and the world, for workshops, general sessions and social events. In addition to national meetings, AICC's regional meetings offer an opportunity for you to meet and learn from industry experts and peers closer to home.

AICC's Executive Education programs are developed exclusively for independent box plant owners and their key senior managers, controllers and financial officers, sales managers, general managers and production managers. AICC's Core training programs in sales, customer service, production supervision and production management are all corrugated specific, and offer your employees the skills they need to perform their jobs more effectively for you and your company.

AICC publications help market the independent's strengths - our Annual Membership Directory lists your equipment and product specialties; our biennial Awards Cd-rom offers a showcase of the independent's best work. Other AICC publications include: Salary, Hourly Wage and Benefit Survey, Sales Compensation Survey, AICC/Ackerman Comparative Cost Report, Safety Check, The Business Owner, BoxScore newsletter & the AICC Bulletin.

  • AICC sponsors cost saving programs for employee benefits and offers employee background checks through an exclusive arrangement with Justifacts Employee Credential Service.
  • AICC sponsors cost saving programs for utility buying through an exclusive arrangement with Affiliated Power Purchasers International, LLC (APPI)
  • AICC sponsors cost saving programs for shipping through an exclusive arrangement with For a tour go to (Access Code: 310901C01 | Password: 10242002).
  • AICC works with other industry organizations to monitor the wide array of governmental, environmental and legislative issues that can clearly impact our member companies.
  • AICC can provide answers and direction for technical questions, safety and packaging-related issues.
  • AICC SuperCorr Trade Fairs showcase the latest technological product and service breakthroughs by associate supplier members that benefit the independent.
  • AICC focuses on programs for the Next Generation of independent box makers and helps ensure that independent corrugated box plants survive and thrive from one generation to the next.


NEED MORE INFORMATION? Please email the Membership Department, for more information.