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For questions and information email Taryn Pyle , or call 703.535.1391.

AICC Packaging University

The AICC Packaging University provides an eLearning platform that allows AICC member companies and their employees to expand their knowledge and enhance their skills. A variety of educational modules and products are available through the University. New products will be added as they become available.

The AICC Packaging University allows employees and managers to track progress, scores and other information that can help create a better learning experience.

Program Preview

Basic Safety Training Topics

View Basic Safety Module Topics

Registration Options

AICC Packaging University offers individual and group registration.

Individual Registration

Individual registration allows you to register with a private account that is only accessible by you. You can still track your progress and scores, but your information cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Group/Company and Multi-User License

Group/Company and Multi-User License registrations give managers or supervisors the advantage of being able to administer the learning experience for a group of individual employees. This includes being able to perform the enrollment and payment processes for the group, the ability to follow and generate reports of the employees progress and success to help develop the ultimate learning experience for your employees.

Group/Company and Multi-User Licenses Registrations require pre-payment for all participants. Coupon codes are then provided for enrolling in specific courses.

Before You Register

Username: Must be six characters long, cannot contain “admin” or “administrator”, must be unique (multiple users can’t have the same username)

Password: Must be between 6 and 25 characters, contain letters and numbers, cannot contain the username or the word “password”

If those are posted these forms should be no problem for us to process.  Even if people don’t read the rules we’ll correct those columns and send back updated forms for your and their records.

For more information on Group/Company or Multi-User License registrations contact Taryn Pyle at or by phone at 1-703-535-1394.