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Recommended Books
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Books by Featured Speakers

The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership
by Steve Farber
Even Monkeys Fall from Trees
by Doug Lipp
The Radical Edge: Stoke Your Business, Amp Your Life, and Change the World
by Steve Farber


More Books by Featured Speakers

Flawless Execution: Use the Techniques and Systems of America's Fighter Pilots to Perform at Your Peak and Win the Battles of the Business World
by James D. Murphy
Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution
by Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble

Member Recommendations

100 Ways to
Motivate Yourself

by Steve Chandler
Jump Start Your
Marketing Brain:
Scientific Advice and
Practical Ideas

by Doug Hall
Beyond Survival: Building on the Hard Times-A Pow's Inspiring Story
by Captain Gerald Coffee
Rethinking the
Sales Force:
Redefining Selling
to Create and Capture
Customer Value

by Neil Rackham
et al;
Discover Your Sales
Strengths: How the
World's Greatest
Salespeople Develop
Winning Careers

by Benson Smith
et al;
The Machine That
Changed the World:
The Story of
Lean Production

by James P. Womack,
et al;
Lean Thinking:
Banish Waste and
Create Wealth in
Your Corporation

by James P. Womack,
et al;
Manufacturing Works:
The Vital Link
Between Production
and Prosperity

by Fred Zimmerman,
Dave Beal, David Beal
Thinking Inside the
Box: The 12 Timeless
Rules for Managing a
Successful Business

by Kirk Cheyfitz
You'll Never Get No
for an Answer

by Jack Carew

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Books by Featured Speakers

Boom Bust & Echo:
How to Profit from
the Coming
by David K. Foot
Boom Bust & Echo:
Profiting from the
Demographic Shift
in the 21st

by David K. Foot
Building a Winning Team
by Harris M. Plotkin
Built to Last:
Successful Habits
of Visionary Companies

by James C. Collins
& Jerry I. Porras
The Experience Economy
by James H. Gilmore,
B. Joseph Pine II
Good to Great:
Why Some Companies
Make the Leap...
and Others Don't

by Jim Collins
Managing to
Have Fun

by Matt Weinstein
Mass Customization:
The New Frontier
in Business

by Stan Davis,
B. Joseph Pine II
Nuts!: Southwest Airlines'
Crazy Recipe for Business
and Personal Success

by Kevin Freiberg
Patriotic Economics:
How to Thrive While
Helping America

by Jeffrey A. Rosensweig
Turned On: Eight
Vital Insights to
Energize Your
People, Customers,
and Profits

by Roger J. Dow
Value-Added Selling:
How to Sell More
Confidently, and
Professionally by
Competing on Value,
Not Price

By Tom Reilly
When Generations
Collide: Who They Are.
Why They Clash. How to
Solve the Generational
Puzzle at Work

by Lynne C. Lancaster,
David Stillman
Who's Counting?
A Lean Accounting
Business Novel

by Jerrold M. Solomon
Winning the
Global Game:
A Strategy for Linking
People and Profits

by Jeffrey A. Rosensweig
Work Like Your Dog:
Fifty Ways to Work
Less, Play More,
and Earn More

by Matt Weinstein
& Luke Barber
You're the Greatest:
How Validated Employees
Can Impact Your Bottom Line

by Francis X. Maguire
Steve Williford

Recommended Reading on
Advanced Sales Training

Let's Get Real or
Let's Not Play

by Mahan Khalsa
Solution Selling:
Creating Buyers in
Difficult Selling Markets

by Michael T. Bosworth

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