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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question doesn't appear below, please contact Laura at AICC by calling 703-836-2422 or at

Question: What should I do if the webpage times out?
Answer: Before exiting out, try pressing the back arrow on your computer and then submitting again. Sometimes, this will fix the problem. Your credit card has not be charged unless you see a confirmation page.

Question: How do I add multiple people to my registration and get the multiple member discount rate?
Answer: To register multiple people at once, select the names of those you want to register from the "Whom would you like to register" drop down menu and press "Register." The names will appear in a row across the top of the yellow registration form. 

In order to receive the multiple member discounted rate, you will need to first successfully complete the registration process for two people from your company. Then, once you have checked out, you can go back to registration to register the remaining people.
**Please note, if you are a box plant registering more than two people, you should use the box plant registration form - found here .

What is the multiple member discount rate?
When registering more than two people from the same company, the third person to register, and anyone after that, will receive the multiple member discount rate. If only two people from the same company are attending, they do NOT qualify for the multiple member discount rate.

Question: Why am I being asked for shipping information on the checkout page?
Answer: This is a field that cannot be removed from the meeting checkout page - but disregard and skip over this field (if registering for a meeting only) as it won't effect your registration nor will it add a shipping fee to your registration.  

Question: Why didn't my confirmation email have my spouse/guest information included?
Answer: The registration site automatically sends your spouse/guest confirmation directly to your spouse/guest, to the email that was provided or that is in AICC's database. If you need a copy of the full confirmation, please contact AICC.

Question: Why do I have to create a log-in to register?
Answer: The new AICC website requires all members and non-members to be logged in to purchase products or sign up for events. For the majority of people, your username is your work e-mail address.

Question: I don't remember my password, what should I do?
Answer: Everyone must create a new password on the new AICC website. To do so:
  1. Click "Forgot my password "
  2. In the box that pops up, type in your e-mail address and press "Submit."*
  3. In moments, you will receive an e-mail with a link and instructions to reset your password.
*If your e-mail address is not recognized, click the "Find-My-Profile" on the sign in or login page. Fill in at least two fields and click "Search." If you cannot find your profile, click "Create a new account for yourself."

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