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Currently AICC has roughly 500 locations (representing about 250 different companies) in the AICC manufacturing membership and our Associate members add several hundred more to our total.

The folding and rigid segments are growing and we have seen significant interest since membership was opened in 2011.

We also have retention rates of 94% for our general members and 92% for our associate members. AICC members stay because they see the value in belonging.

AICC membership runs from July 1st to June 30th. Members joining throughout the year will pay the full membership dues when they join and the company's first renewal will be prorated to reflect their join date.


General Membership
Associate membership
Corrugated Plant
Sheet Plant
Sheet Suppliers
Folding Carton Plant
Rigid Box Plant
Machinery/Equipment Supplier
Product Supplier
Service Supplier


​A Company is eligible for general membership if:

  1. it is engaged in the corrugated paper converting, folding carton, or rigid box converting business;
  2. sells a substantial portion of its product on the open market; and
  3. is not a reporting company under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 and does not have any shares issued which are publicly traded.

A company is in the corrugated converting, folding carton, or rigid box business only it if bears financial and legal responsibility for raw materials, plant, equipment and personnel payroll used in substantial manufacturing activities and is responsible for the quality of the product so produced.

U.S. Companies

Annual Sales (USD) Annual Dues (USD)
Less than $5 million $1,350
$5-10 million $1,525
$11-15 million $1,790
$16-20 million $2,425
$21-35 million $3,135
$36-50 million $4,185
$51-100 million $5,250
$101-150 million $5,975
$151-200 million $6,725
$201-250 million $7,500
$251 million and more $7,930

Canadian Companies
Please contact the Membership Department, for the correct dues fees.

Central & South American, Caribbean, and Overseas General Members
Please contact the Membership Department, for the correct dues fees.


Associate membership is reserved for suppliers of material, machinery, equipment, supplies and/or services to the independent paperboard industry.

Dues are based on number of employees in the whole company.

Number of Employees Annual Dues (USD)
Less than 26 $1,950
26-50 $2,520
51-100 $3,420
101-150 $4,340
151-250 $5,700
More than 250 $6,200

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