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Tuesday, May 16-Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 | 8:00 am - 5:00pm
Location: Chicago, IL
Price: $1,195       

Keep pace with today's financial realities in the corrugated industry.  Our curriculum is designed entirely around case studies.  Topics will focus on issues that will give senior management a better understanding of your company's financial strategy. By attending you will gain a better knowledge of financial statements, developing sound budget strategies, tracking financial performance in sales, production and customer services, performance measurement systems and more. 

Learning Objectives: This course provides managers with a sound understanding of their plant and its financial profile.  Attendees will learn how to develop strategies for financial success. 

Who should attend:
Any employee who is involved with the financial aspects of their plant.  They should have at least one year of management experience.


The course runs from 8:00am-4:30pm both days.  A copy of the agenda is below.



Day 1


            8:00 AM          Course begins




  • Meet the case study companies
  • Financial Reporting in the New Millennium – Where have we been, where are we now and where are we going in our efforts to report on our results
    • Review of traditional forms of bottom line financial reporting most suitable to external reporting
      • Basic elements of financial statements, types of reports and an update on the convergence with International Standards
    • Discussion of issues relating to multi faceted, service oriented, custom manufacturing companies
    • Internal versus external reporting systems with a focus on estimating system design
    • Introduction to contribution based reporting
    • Case study in financial reporting – ABC Sheet Plant alternatives


  • The basic economics of paper and corrugated
    • Understanding board combinations and basis weight
    • Converting per ton prices to per MSF costs
    • Case study – The effects of changing containerboard prices


  • The fundamentals of costing – cost build up method versus variable profit prediction method
    • Understanding fixed and variable costs
    • Contrasting product costs and period costs
    • Contribution based costing theory and practice
    • Variance analysis and the limitations of cost accounting systems
    • Sample problems in understanding relationship between results from costing system and financial reporting system using the ABC sheet plant financial statements
    • Case study in evaluating the profitability of potential orders

    Day 2

  • Budgeting
    • Information required to prepare a budget
    • Capital budgets, Departmental budgets, Sales projections
    • Proper budget form and documentation of assumptions
    • Allocating the budget to each operating period
    • Case study – contrasting budgeting methods and formats


  • Business Performance Management
    • Basic concepts and goals of performance measurement systems
    • Determining key indicators
    • Deciding what to measure and how often
    • Disseminating the results
    • Case study – Browncorr and Graphsheet need some help designing systems


  • Waste Control Concepts
    • Waste versus shrinkage
    • Industry standards and norms
    • Problems and potential solutions


  • Equipment Acquisition and Financing
    • Fundamental concepts
    • Case studies – Crown Jewel buys a high speed Flexo and Graphsheet desperately needs a laminator


  • Incentive Compensation Program
    • Measuring performance
    • Designing systems
    • What motivates people
    • Do sales people have their own incentive system or do you need to get creative
    • Case studies – Browncorr’s plant incentives and ABC’s sales program


  • Mergers and acquisitions –
    • Discussion of key concepts in the world of M and A
    • Case study – Browncorr, Inc., wants to make an acquisition and has identified 2 targets.Or maybe they should sell? You help them decide!



Class ends.







Mitchell E. Klingher, CPA, is a partner at the CPA firm of Klingher Nadler, LLP, Fort Lee, New Jersey where he heads up the firm's tax and consulting departments.  With over 30 years of diversified public accounting experience, Klingher specializes in paper conversion and packaging businesses and has developed industry specific financial courses in conjunction with AICC; for owners, controllers, and other managers.  He has written numerous papers for trade publications and is a regular speaker at regional and national meetings.  He also facilitates a number of CEO groups.  Mr. Klingher has an economics and business degree from Lafayette, College, Easton PA and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the NY State Society of Certified Public Accountants.  


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The Courtyard Marriott
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Note: The course will be held at Frain Industries; 245 E. North Avenue, Carol Stream, IL

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