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These 11 Onboarding Mistakes Will Make Your New Employee Want to Quit

Jun. 28, 2017

Experiencing even one of these onboarding missteps could spell disaster for your new employees. BE PREPARED. Stay up-to-date on HR News.

Uh Oh…Small Business Hiring Pauses, but Wages Are Creeping Up

May. 9, 2017

Gene Marks explains why small business hiring is slowing down.

Workplace Incivility Prevails.... Again

May. 2, 2017

Christine Walters advice on issues related to DOL's Overtime Rule, and Workplace Incivility. This week's topic: Can you legally fire an employee that blasts you on social media and writes profane remarks about you-your mother, and family, including three F-bombs?

Enhance Compliance & Avoid Pitfalls

Apr. 26, 2017

Christine Walters Perspective on what a small business owner should be aware of in order to enhance compliance and avoid employment practice pitfalls.

Company to Pay $584,000 for Firing Employees Who Demanded Overtime

Apr. 26, 2017

Can you then fire an employee because they sued you for back overtime? Not in California. A company there just learned this lesson the hard way, and now a court has ordered the company to pay three of its former employees $584,612.

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