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Rules, Regulations, Initiatives, & Programs
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This listing is intended to summarize the world of organizations that currently or in the future may have an impact upon your business. We have been building this list since one member shared all the regulations that were impacting her business in the fourth quarter of 2018. Since then, we have been adding others almost weekly as we read about new ones coming on board in the US, Canada, China, and Europe.

With the forestry certification programs, only go through the exercise for each one at a time. Seek input from your containerboard or sheet suppliers first. And let your customers ask first and to not lead with these as a branding strategy to differentiate yourselves from competitors

Most of our members and associates already have been introduced to several of these. If you have any that are not listed would you please let us know. This is focused broadly for new hires, emerging leaders, and experienced packaging professionals thoughout the organization. You should find here the newest terminology, trends, and current view of how to fine-tune your web site, brochures, invoices, sales conversations, and presentations from this listing.

Global/International Regulations/Rules
Plant Regulations
Human Health and Consumer Safety
Food Regulations
Transportation Regulators-Domestic
Hazardous Materials
Quality Management Systems
US Military
Trade Agreements
Testing Facilities
Media Connections

Global/International Regulations/Rules

UN Sustainability Development Goals

A set of 17 goals imagines a future just 15 years off that would be rid of poverty and hunger, and safe from the worst effects of climate change.


UN Environment

An agency of the United Nations focusing on the reduction of plastic waste and use of fiber and paper products.


The International Air Transport Association

Regulates the air shipments of UN HazMat Packaging.


Federal Trade Commission

Protects consumers and competition by preventing anticompetitive, deceptive, and unfair business practices through law enforcement, advocacy, and education without unduly burdening legitimate business activity.


Plant Regulations

Clean Air Act

Title 6 – Stratospheric Ozone Description Ozone Depleting Chemicals (ODC’s)

Address Ozone Depleting Substances: Reference -Containerboard does not require warning labels, per sections 611 and 612 of Title VI of the Clean Air Act, as amended in 1990. Content of Class I or II substances and are not directly manufactured in a process that uses a Class I or II substance. Also see 40CFR Part 82.


National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Develops new knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health and to transfer that knowledge into practice.


PFOA, PFOS and Isopropyl Thioxanone, CAS# 335-67-1 and CAS#5495-84-1

Use of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) or sulfonate (PFOS) or any derivative products. Nor does it use isopropyl thioxanone (IPX) or any of its derivative products.


Bioterrorism Act of 2002

Compliance status with the Bioterrorism Act of 2002. To its knowledge, albeit paper roll products are exempted, Compliance with FDA 21 CFR section 182.90, 21 CFR sections 176.170,176.180 and 21 CFR section 176.260.


Volatile Organic Chemicals or Materials (VOCs/VOMs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Air Toxic Chemicals

Regulated by Washington State, Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS), CERCLA Hazardous Substances (HS), or EPCRA §313 Toxic Chemicals.


California SB 657 Transparency in Supply Chains Act Human Trafficking and Slavery

Provides consumers with information regarding companies’ efforts to eradicate human trafficking and slavery from their product supply chains.


Morphaline Statement of Content

A SDS from BASF on this drug


Substances such as Optical Brightners , PCB, Polybrominated biphenyl, Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers, Hexabromocyclododecane, PCT, PCN, PFOA, PFOS, PFBA, PVC, DMF, styrene, and PAHs, formaldehyde or the derivatives of any of these substances



A resource site on this issue.


Packaging Law

The premier online resource for the global packaging industry. It provides a wide range of information on laws and regulations—both in the U.S. and other countries throughout the world—that affect packages and packaging materials.


Environmental Protection Agency

Several regulations below.


Minimum Achievable Control Technology, MACT

Regulates emissions of hazardous air pollutants.


EPA Rivers and Streams Acts


National Ambient Air Quality Standard also known as the Clean Air Act


Clean Water Act


Human Health Water Quality Criteria


Department of Energy

Ensures America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions


Extended Producer Responsibility 

A policy approach under which producers are given a significant responsibility – financial and/or physical – for the treatment or disposal of post-consumer products.


North American Industry Classification System

A standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying industries


American National Standards Institute

The voice of the U.S. standards and conformity assessment system, empowers its members and constituents to strengthen the U.S. marketplace position in the global economy while helping to assure the safety and health of consumers and the protection of the environment.


Amazon Initiatives and Programs

Vendor Incentive Program

Amazon Standard Identification Number

ISTA 6: Ships in Its Own Container Test

Frustration Free Packaging Program

Prep-Free Packaging

Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS)


Human Health and Consumer Safety

Safety Data Sheets (formerly Material Safety Data Sheets)

Requires that the chemical manufacturer, distributor, or importer provide sheets for each hazardous chemical to downstream users to communicate information on these hazards.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration

To assures safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.


PFAS Action Act

A bill to combat toxic pollution from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The PFAS Action Act would require the EPA to classify all PFAS chemicals as “hazardous substances” under the Superfund program. “PFAS chemicals—used widely for nonstick cookware, water-repellent clothing, firefighting foam, and more.


Lacey Act 2008 Amendment

States it is unlawful to import, export, sell, acquire, or purchase fish, wildlife or plants that are taken, possessed, transported, or sold: 1) in violation of U.S. or Indian law, or 2) in interstate or foreign commerce involving any fish, wildlife, or plants taken possessed or sold in violation of State or foreign law.


World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO provide global leadership in public health, WHO employs health specialists, medical doctors, scientists, epidemiologists and also people with expertise in administration and finance, information systems, economics, health statistics as well as emergency preparedness and response.


National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

NFPA delivers information and knowledge through more than 300 consensus codes and standards, research, training, education, outreach and advocacy; and by partnering with others who share an interest in furthering our mission.


Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

CPSIA regulates the analysis for phthalates and lead content provided by CPSIA accredited third party.


U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act

Provides EPA with authority to require reporting, record-keeping and testing requirements, and restrictions relating to chemical substances and/or mixtures.


ASTM 963 Toy Standard F963

Covers toys for children under 14 years of age, including plush toys, balls, games, dolls and action figures, infant and preschool toys, battery-operated toys, ride-on toys, projectile toys, and many more.


Tetrachlorodibenzodioxine (TCDD) Chlorine and Dioxin 2,3,7,8

TCDD may be formed during the chlorine bleaching process used by pulp and paper mills, and as a by-product from the manufacture of certain chlorinated organic chemicals, such as chlorinated phenols.


Food Regulations

FDA Food Contact Statement

Food and Drug Administration (FDA): 21 CFR Section 182.90, 21 CFR sections 176.170 and 176.180, Conditions of Use sections B-F, for fatty and aqueous foods. Compliance with 21 CFR section 176.260.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of an FCS to ensure that food contact materials comply with the specifications and limitations in all applicable authorizations.


ISO 22000

Sets out the requirements for a food safety management system and can be certified to. It maps out what an organization needs to do to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe. It can be used by any organization regardless of its size or position in the food chain.


Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004

Compliance with the provisions of FALCPA and European Union Directive 2000/13/EC discusses the 8 major food groups that causes reactions in 90% of people.


State of California Proposition 65

Safe Drinking Water Act Article 7 Section 12712(c) (1); and also Reduction of Toxics in Packaging requires warning before exposure to chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.


HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

A management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. This is administrated by the FDA.


Global Food Safety Initiative

Brings together key actors of the food industry to collaboratively drive continuous improvement in food safety management systems around the world.


Mineral Oil

This has been addressed in several posts on the AskRalph blog.


Animal Derived Materials “ADM’s”

Kosher, Pareve, Passover or Halal Certification: Bovine Spongiform Encephathophy / BSE / Mad Cow Disease, specifically free from beef tallow; or sourced from countries that are BSE free.


Confederation or European Paper Industries

The updated guidelines from the European paper packaging industry regarding food contact.


Transportation Regulators-Domestic

National Motor Freight Traffic Association and National Motor Freight Classification

Author of Item 222.


American Association of Railroads

Author of Rule 41


Surface Transportation Board

The successor agency to the Interstate Commerce Commission.


Hazardous Materials

UN HazMat Packaging Requirements 49 CFR 171-180


Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration

The federal government section for the regulation of shipment of dangerous goods.



Heavy Metals

Conference of Northeastern Governors (CONEG), EU see REACH

encourages intergovernmental cooperation on issues affecting the economic, social and environmental well-being of the Northeast.



Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certification

Solutions-oriented sustainability organization that collaborates on forest-based conservation and community initiatives that demonstrate and enhance our shared quality of life while providing supply chain assurances through standards, data, and authentic stories.


Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management.


Forest Stewardship Coalition (FSC)

FSC promotes environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests.


The State of America’s Forests

Through interactive maps and graphs, helps you explore the many benefits forests provide, understand today’s challenges to this renewable resource, and learn about forest management and conservation.


Coalition for Resource Recovery; Global Green

Global Green helps generate value by transforming waste into assets. The Coalition identifies and promotes effective waste diversion technologies and programs through conducting pilots and related research.


National Council of Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI)

NCASI is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. This was formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project.



A maker of sustainable packaging for perishable goods.


Global Recycling Foundation

The Global Recycling Foundation supports the promotion of recycling, and the recycling industry, across the world to showcase its vital role in preserving the future of the planet.


US Endowment for Forestry and Communities

A catalyst for innovation that invigorates forest-rich, rural communities by keeping working forests as forests for all of their environmental, societal, and economic benefits and values.


Recyclability Certification Testing at Western Michigan University

Committed to recycling process innovation, testing, and certification.


UN Sustainability Development Goals

The blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.


North American Plastic Recycling Alliance (NAPRA)

NAPRA a new coalition with the mission to grow plastics recycling in the United States and Canada.


The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR)

APR an international trade association representing the plastic recycling industry.


G7 Ocean Plastics Charter

This Charter is supported by big corporations to reduce plastic pollution.


US Chamber of Commerce Foundation: Beyond 34

Beyond 34 is a first-of-its-kind public-private sector partnership to help break through the current national recycling barrier of 34%.


Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC)

SPC has developed tools, applications, and services to help companies take meaningful action toward packaging sustainability.


International Molded Fiber Association (IMFA)

IMFA is a global not-for-profit trade association, representing and resourcing the interests of manufacturers of molded fiber products, industry suppliers and service providers.


CO2 Solutions

A technology for sequestering carbon dioxide from flue gases.


US Energy Information Administration (EIA)

EIA articles about renewable and biofuels that we use in the paper making industry.


Earth Day Network

Works year round to solve climate change, to end plastic pollution, to protect endangered species, and to broaden, educate, and activate the environmental movement across the globe.


Walmart Gigaton Project

A Walmart initiative to avoid one billion metric tons (a gigaton) of greenhouse gases from the global value chain by 2030.


UN Youth 30

An initiative to involve youth in environmental issue from a global perspective.



How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. It involves a coalition of forward thinking brands who want their packaging to be recycled and are empowering consumers through smart packaging labels.


National Climate Assessment

Assesses the science of climate change and variability and its impacts across the United States, now and throughout this century.


BP Statistical Review of World Energy

Perspective of the transition to a lower carbon footprint.


Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 Quality Management

These standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.


ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems

Focuses on specific approaches such as audits, communications, labelling and life cycle analysis, as well as environmental challenges such as climate change.


ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Helps organizations reduce this burden by providing a framework to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions, all over the world.



G7 Method

A certification program for color matching.


US Military

ASTM Methods

PPB-series superseded by ASTM methods below also known as V board:

ASTM 5118 is the new military box spec that supersedes PPP-B-636. ASTM-D5118 is made using the W5C board or V3C board.


Logistic Support Activity

Synchronizes, integrates, and conducts analysis of enterprise sustainment information to provide Army materiel solutions that improve readiness.



Paper & Packaging Board

Promotes the use of paper and paper-based packaging by highlighting the value they bring to our daily lives.


National Recycling Coalition (NRC)

NRC is a non-profit organization focused on promoting and enhancing recycling in the United States.


Green America

Green America harnesses economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.


Environment America

Via research reports, news conferences, interviews with reporters, op-ed pieces, letters to the editor and more, we raise awareness of environmental issues and promote sensible solutions.



Nestlé in January 2019 announced its partnership in Loop, a subscription home delivery service for foods and household goods with reusable packaging. Häagen-Dazs, a Nestlé brand in the United States and Canada, is the official ice cream partner for the pilot project in New York, scheduled to launch in the first half of 2019.Loop is a first-of-its-kind service from global recycling organization TerraCycle, with Nestlé a founding investor and partner.


The Pulp & Paper Resource Council (PPRC)

A grassroots organization of hourly workers in the forest products industry who educate about issues affecting American manufacturing jobs in their industry.


Trade Agreements

United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Replaces the North America Free Trade Agreement



Blue Box/ Canada

A site to talk about recycling in the providence.


CEPA (Canadian Environmental Protection Act)


Canadian Food Inspection Agency


Canadian Domestic Substances List

Confers the authority to implement, when appropriate, preventive or control measures in regard to the relevant aspects of the substance life cycle.


Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC)

PPEC represents over 90% of the Canadian paper packaging industry on environmental issues.



China Dangerous Goods Regulations

For those shipping into China.


China National Sword Program

Discusses 2018 requirements for imports of recycled papers.


China Certification of Inspection Group

A transnational company that is dedicated to provide inspection, surveying, certification, testing and calibration services.



RoHS EU Directive 94/62/EC Article 11

Legislation restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and promoting the collection and recycling of such equipment


Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals – Substance of Very High Concern (EU) (REACH)


Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

DEHA, DEHP, Bisphenol A, BADGE, Octyl Tin Compounds, Nonyl Phenol, or TNPP are not used as a raw materials. EU directive on 68 compounds.


Waste Framework Directive

Directive EU 2008/98/EC to provide sound, independent information on the environment.


Confederation of Paper Industries, Paper and Board Packaging Recycling Guidelines

Helping retailers and brands specify and design packaging that can be reprocessed in paper mills.


European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers

A non-profit organization representing the interests of the industry across Europe and addressing a wide range of issues, from technical topics to economical questions.


Testing Facilities

Applied Paper Technology


ASTM, formerly the American Society of Testing Materials

Over 2,000 standards operate globally. Defined and set by us, they improve the lives of millions every day. Combined with our innovative business services, they enhance performance and help everyone have confidence in the things they buy and use.


Media Connections



Packaging World


Paper Knowledge


Packaging Digest


Paper Age


PPI Pulp and Paper Week


The Packaging Portal Newsletter (by RISI)


NV Publications


Recycling Today


Journal of Hazard Material Transportation