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Non-machinery Category
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Introduced to the competition in 1997, the "Non-Machinery" category is defined as an innovation manufactured by an industry supplier that does not touch the board including, but not limited to: computer systems, software and consulting; linerboards and new substrates; quality and management controls; administrative support; financial services; etc. In other words, any innovation that adds value to the board, and/or a non-corrugating machinery product innovation that may touch the board, and/or a machine that produces production-run converted products.

The next non-machinery competition will be held in the fall of 2022.

Innovator of the Year Winners - Non-Machinery

    2018: J.S. Machine
   IBS Intelligent Plant Logistics – Seamless Automation

    2014: Package X
    Mobile & Online Preliminary Package Design Solution

    2010: Amtech
    Mobile Force Delivery

    2006: Southern Graphic Systems
    Large Format BAS Scanner and Digital File Communication Device

    2003: Armacel Technology Group
    High Impact Vacuum Tensioning Process

    2000: Liberty Diversified Industries
    Water Repellant Linerboard
    2000: Liberty Diversified Industries
    Water Repellant Linerboard

    1997: Stop-It, LLC
    Remote Radio Control Cutoff Switch for Boxplant Equipment